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Chocolate Fallen Angel Cake pictured with Orange Cream Ice Cream and Fresh Berries

Desserts To-Go

Raspberry Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée

(availability varies nightly)

Almond Berry Bread Pudding

with Rum Butter Sauce-Whipped Cream

Chocolate Fallen Angel Cake

with Orange Cream Ice Cream-Berries

Ginger Ice Cream

with Lychee and Longan and a five-spice Cookie Crisp

Crispy Fried Bananas

with Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Cinnamon Ice Cream

Handcrafted Ice Cream Flight with Oatmeal Crisp Cookie

Butterfinger, Lychee Raspberry, Lavender, Cinnamon, Sour Cream

Handcrafted Ice Cream

Available TO-GO (Scoop/Quart/Pint)