• Appetizers

    The Mandarin 47 5-8-14

    Crab Cream Cheese Won Tons


    Chicken Soong Imperial Lettuce Wraps
    Diced chicken, water chestnuts, carrots and pine nuts served with romaine lettuce and hoisin sauce. 8.99

    Egg Roll (1)
    Char shu, beef, ham, carrots and bamboo shoots rolled in a crispy wrapper. Served with plum sauce. 1.99

    Vegetarian Spring Roll (1)
    Zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, bamboo shoots and sugar snap peas rolled in a crispy wrapper.  Served with plum sauce. 1.79

    Fried Shrimp (8)
    Served with red sauce and Chinese hot mustard. 10.99

    Char Shu
    Slow cooked Chinese barbecue pork sliced and topped with sesame seeds.
    Served with red sauce and Chinese hot mustard.  7.99

    Chicken Satay Skewers (4)
    Marinated grilled chicken served with a warm peanut sauce and kim chee. 7.99

    Crispy Won Ton Skins (12)
    Light flaky won ton skins with a small pork filling.  Served with sweet and sour sauce. 6.99

    Szechwan Chicken Wings * (12)
    Wok tossed in a tangy garlic and Szechwan chili sauce. (Med or Hot) 9.99

    Peking Chicken Wings (12)
    Wok tossed in a Peking barbecue sauce. 9.99

    Zesty Orange Sesame Shrimp  (8)
    Crispy jumbo shrimp in an orange sesame honey glaze. 10.99

    Crab & Cream Cheese Won Tons (6) (pictured)
    Served with lemon sauce.  6.99

    Peking Baby Back Ribs
    Baby back ribs wok tossed in a Peking barbecue sauce.10.49

    Asian Chicken Salad
    Romaine lettuce, chicken, sweet red ginger, carrots, purple cabbage, rice noodles, sesame seeds
    and peanuts tossed in a sweet vinegar sesame dressing. Topped with crispy won ton strips. 9.99

    Bon Bon Chicken *
    Cold chicken over sliced cucumbers topped with a spicy sesame-peanut sauce. 7.99

    Pot Stickers (6)
    Pan fried dumplings filled with pork and spices. Served with a vinegar-soy-ginger dipping sauce. 7.99

    Extra appetizer sauces….50 cents to 1.50
    Sweet and Sour…1/2 pint 1.50, pint 2.00
    Any wok prepared sauce (if you order the dish)…1.50