• Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Menu

    The Mandarin 85 5-8-14

    Gluten Free Cashew Chicken

    Chicken Soong Lettuce Wrap (order hoisin sauce on side–it is not gluten/wheat free)
    Sizzling Rice Soup (order in without char shu and no soy)
    Fried Shrimp (order in no red sauce!  Choose s-n-s or lemon sauce)

    Beef with Green Beans in a Black Bean Sauce
    Beef with Broccoli
    Cashew Chicken or Cashew Vegetable (pictured)
    Coconut Thai Curry Chicken or Halibut ** Hot only
    Curry Chicken or Beef
    Green Beans with Mushrooms
    Mongolian Beef, Pork, Chicken or Vegetarian
    Nanking Pork, Chicken or Vegetarian **Hot only
    Pepper Beef, Chicken, Halibut or Shrimp
    Tropical Thai Chicken, Halibut or Tofu **Hot only
    Fried Rice:  Ham, Chicken, Vegetarian, Shrimp or Malaysian
    Mango Chicken or Halibut (seasonal)

    The following Items can be prepared with egg & cornstarch
    batter and
    are fried in a wheat/gluten free fryer:
    Honey Walnut Shrimp or Chicken
    Lemon Chicken or Shrimp
    Peking Barbecue Red Shrimp or Chicken
    ++Almond Chicken (sweet and sour)
    ++Sweet and Sour Shrimp
    ++ The plum sauce used in our sweet and sour may contain traces of gluten.

    Gluten Free Desserts (availability varies nightly)
    Ginger Ice Cream (ginger crisp has wheat….substitute with +oat cookie)
    Raspberry Vanilla Bean Crème Bruleé
    Chocolate Fallen Angel Cake with your choice of GF ice cream
    Homemade Ice Cream Flight with +Oat Cookie Crisp-5 scoops  (all flavors are gluten
    free except for anything with cookie or candy mixed in)
    +The oats in the cookie may be manufactured in a factory that processes wheat