• Desserts

    Chocolate Fallen Angel Cake with Orange Cream Ice Cream and Fresh Berries

    Desserts To-Go

    Raspberry Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (availability varies nightly)

    Fresh Berry Bread Pudding-Amaretto Butter Sauce-Whipped Cream

    Chocolate Fallen Angel Cake-Orange Cream Ice Cream-Berries-Chocolate Crunch

    Ginger Ice Cream-Lychee and Longan-Five Spice Cookie Crisp

    Crispy Fried Bananas-Chocolate Dipping Sauce-Cinnamon Ice Cream

    Handcrafted Ice Cream Flight with Oatmeal Crisp Cookie:  All featuring local grown fruits/herb.  Cherry Chocolate, Purple Raspberry, Peach,  Blackberry and Lavender

    Handcrafted Ice Cream available TO GO (Scoop/Quart/Pint)