• Beef

    The Mandarin 68 5-8-14

    Tangy Spicy Beef


    Does not include steamed rice

    Beef with Green Beans

    Wok tossed in a black bean sauce. 12.79

    Peking Sesame Beef
    Crispy beef in a Peking barbecue sauce over sauteed onions. 12.79

    Mongolian Beef *
    Sugar snap peas, onions and bamboo shoots in a garlic-soy-oyster sauce over crispy rice noodles. 12.79

    Sugar Snap Peas and Beef
    Sugar snap peas and water chestnuts wok tossed in a ginger-soy-oyster sauce. 12.79

    Kung Pao Beef *
    Diced bell peppers, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, wok fried Szechwan chili
    peppers and peanuts in a soy-hoisin garlic sauce. 12.99

    Beef with Broccoli
    Wok tossed with carrots and bamboo shoots in a soy-oyster sauce. 12.79

    Curry Beef *
    Broccoli, carrots, zucchini and seasonal vegetables in a yellow curry sauce. 12.79

    Beef with Bell Peppers and Tomatoes
    With onions in soy-tomato sauce. 12.99

    Satay Beef with Fresh Spinach
    Wok tossed in a bold Chinese style barbecue sauce over sauteed spinach. 12.79

    Ginger Beef
    Fresh ginger slices, yellow and green onions in a light ginger sauce. 12.79

    Orange Peel Beef
    Crispy beef and green onions wok tossed with Szechwan chili
    peppers in a zesty orange peel glaze. 12.79

    Hunan Beef *
    Bell peppers, bamboo shoots, Anaheim  peppers and carrots in a black bean sauce. 12.79

    Tangy Spicy Beef * (pictured)
    Zucchini, yellow squash and red bell peppers in a garlic sauce. 12.79

    *This is a spicy dish.  Order as spicy regular, spicy medium, spicy hot*